Ghost Light Radio Show


Ghost Light Radio Show is based in Lancaster and consists of Andy Homsher on bass and vocals, Ben Pierson on guitar and lead vocals, Don Homsher on percussion and vocals, Doug Kauffman on drums and vocals, and Mike "Wit" Witmer on lead guitar and vocals.


We play music spanning a wide range of years and genres including blues, country, folk, and pop, but the soul of Ghost Light Radio Show belongs to rock and roll.

GLRS is currently recording a six song EP with a planned release in November of 2015. Visit our store page for more info.

Doug was born and raised in Lancaster County. He started playing the drums at an early age and this interest followed him throughout his high school years when he formed a band, and played at local gigs throughout Lancaster County.


He took some time off to raise a family and to pursue other interests. Doug decided that he needed to start drumming again and before he knew it he was back into the music world.


At one point, for many years, Doug was a competitive runner. He met his goal of running the Boston Marathon. Today, in addition to his music, he loves riding motorcycle, hiking, camping, and spending time with his family.

Andy's interest in music began in elementary school when he started playing bass viol. He then auditioned for and played in the Lancaster Youth Symphony Orchestra. In high school, Andy began playing electric bass with a group of friends. They formed a band that played in local bars, school dances, and private parties.


He stopped playing for a time, but at the urging of his family picked up the bass again and was right back into the enjoyment of playing music. Though he has had many hobbies, racing bicycles, riding motorcycles and stand up paddle boarding to name a few, his favorite way to spend his time is practicing with the guys or playing a gig.

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Doug Kauffman - Drums

Andy Homsher - Bass Guitar

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Mike "Wit" Witmer - Lead Vocals


Wit has been playing guitar since the age of 8 and playing in bands since the ripe old age of 13. Throughout his musical career he's had the wonderful opportunity to play all over the US, England, and Germany.


His musical passions extend to song writing and production as well. He can often be found cussing at his guitar for playing the wrong notes. When not making noise with GLRS, he's busy drawing comic strips and rearranging furniture for his wife.